Eleaf micro usb cable

Eleaf micro usb cable

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Eleaf Micro Usb Cable

The Eleaf Micro USB cable has a USB connector on one end and a micro-USB connector on the other. It can be used for any device requiring a micro USB charger. Plug it into your computer or USB wall plug to charge your device.

  • Length : 0.9m

Please Note: As with most batteries we recommend not to use Smart Phone USB plugs to charge e-cigarette batteries as they are usually too powerful, they create a false charge where they charge the battery fast but the battery will then die very fast too ! Smart phone plugs usually put out aprox. 2.5 Amps, we recommend using USB plugs of 1.5 Amps or less, unless stated otherwise! Only a small very small selection of the very newest batteries have a 2.0 Amp Fast charge and they will usually promote it on the packaging.